Monday, December 9, 2013

A Prayer for Grace

I never claim to be a poet but it's just the outpouring of my heart to my Lord. So no judging allowed. 

O, Lord how I desire your grace,
So that I may rest in your steadfast love.
I want be confident in your abundant grace,
Your grace that is overflowing and plentiful to me,
But do I allow it to penetrate my list of who I think I must be?
I begin the day thinking that I can achieve it by the efforts of my ways,
But as the day progresses I fall to my knees,
My list cannot hold  the weight of my expectations
Of how this picture of my life should be.
But Lord you are the artist who is painting the picture,
My struggle is I want to be the one that paints it instead of Thee.
My prayer is that I may rest in your grace,
That I may enable you to be the Painter of the masterpiece,
A life story that radiates your grace and overflowing love,
That is the gift of grace you've given me.
A life reflective of resting in your abundant grace,
That is my prayer...because that's exactly where you want me to be.